We take discipleship seriously and aim to sharpen each other up to become more like Christ. Prayer is central to all that we are and do as we believe that it’s a key part of our relationship with God and is a powerful force for transformation in ourselves, our community and the world.
The prayer room is always available for booking. To book please contact the office at 020 7471 7000 or e-mail info@stbk.org.uk.

Kingdom Come Prayer

Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month, between 8 and 9.30pm: join us for prayer, worship and ministry.


Freedom Prayer

Our desire is for everyone at St Barnabas to experience the personal and spiritual freedom that has been won for us through Christ.

Freedom Prayer appointments are open to anyone in our congregation and provide an opportunity for people to be prayed for in a longer prayer session.  During these times, a small team (generally two people) pray for God’s direct revelation for the person being prayed for. These prayer times are exciting, affirming and life-giving. Should you wish to book an appointment, please email info@stbk.org.uk.

Pastoral team

None of us have a problem-free life and for all of us, it’s good to talk.  At St Barnabas, we have a pastoral team who are available to pray with members of the church and people living in the parish. It may be that you need a one-off appointment to talk through a problem and pray with someone. We would normally meet with people for up to one hour at a time. If you would like to meet one of the pastoral staff, click here to send an email to us.

On-going specialist counselling

Should you need further, more specialist counselling on an on-going basis, we would be happy to refer you to trained counsellors recommended to us or used by us, following an initial meeting with one of the pastoral team.