Saturday 15th September         

10 am -  4 pm


We’re going to pray corporately as well as individually for the life of our church and the mission God has called us to. There will be times of worship, waiting on the Lord, prayer walks and general encouragement too.  


We’ll end the day by re-commissioning and re-dedicating ourselves


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  To pray for the Vision; Mission; Encouragement and Celebration of all that God has done for us and will continue to do for us and through us at St Barnabas Church!  


There will be tea/coffee/water and juice available throughout the day for everyone.  As this is also a day of fasting there are no plans to provide food for lunch so please do bring your own lunch or wander up the High Street to get something to eat if you are not going to be fasting.  There will be prayer walks of differing lengths – one we hope will be round the parish and the other for those who can’t walk for too long, will be around the church itself.  We are waiting and discerning if we should go further afield to South Kensington.  Watch this space.  The church will remain open during the day with some creative ways to engage in the day itself and spaces for silence and reflection.  At 2 pm those on the longer prayer walks will have returned and we will gather together to worship and get feedback from each group and pray for Alpha; Taste and See and other things the Lord lays on our hearts to pray for.  We will end promptly at 4 pm.  The day will be soaked/grounded in worship both in French and English.


 If you are unable to commit to the whole time we would love to see you for whatever period of time you are able and if getting to church itself is not possible, you can still pray and fast!  Just let us know you are doing this as we can support each other.




Why fast?

•             Jesus is our model.  He fasted for 40 days (Luke 4.1-2).  At the end He emerged in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Luke 4.14.  If Jesus fasted and prayed for power in His ministry, so must we.

•             Jesus assumed that His followers would both fast and pray.  Matt. 6.5-7, 16-17.  He taught that some things required both prayer and fasting. Matt. 17.14-21.

•             God’s people fasted to humble themselves, seek God’s direction, obtain His support to fulfil His will, and for success in ministry (Acts. 13.3-4, 14.23; 2 Cors. 6.4-6; Dan. 9.3-5; Ezra 8.21-23).  As the early church prayed and fasted, God sent them out.  The result was an explosion in the Kingdom of God.

•             Fasting is an opportunity to lay aside an appetite, and turn our hunger and restlessness to the nourishment that comes from God’s Word and listen to His voice.


How to fast

•             There are different types of fast.  We want to give you complete freedom in this – some people will contemplate doing a fast of 24 hours each, abstaining from food but continuing to drink water.  If you are new to fasting, start by just missing one meal or fast for the time it is possible for you personally.

•             If you are unable to fast from food for medical reasons, consider a 24 hour fast from radio, tv, social media, or if you are able to, choose to spend a day in silence and solitude.

•             Spend some time during the day in reading God’s Word and prayer.  If you are at work, try to find a quiet place at lunchtime.



Please start praying now for the day itself; for protection of everyone involved and for God to do a mighty work through this event.