Holy Communion

9:00 am

Communion, hymns,
reflection, teaching

Family Worship

10:30 am

Worship band, informal,
children & youth in groups


Evening Service

6:30 pm

Relaxed, passionate,
extended times of ministry


We believe worship must be the natural response of a people touched by God and excited at the prospect of following him 24/7. Our 10.30 am and 6.30 pm Sunday services are lively and charismatic. We use contemporary songs alongside some of the remodernised hymns. At 10.30 am service children are welcome at children's church and a crèche is available for younger children. Our 9 am service is a more reflective service of Holy Communion; songs and hymns are played on the organ.


13th August

9am  // 10.30am


Romans 10:5-15

6th August

9am  // 10.30am 


Romans 9:1-5


27th August

9am // 10.30am


Romans 12:1-8

20th August

9am  // 10.30am 


Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32