London is an international city in which up to 300 000 French-speaking people live and work, many of them around St Barnabas in West London. In response to this mission challenge, from Sunday 29 April 2018, St Barnabas will be launching a French-speaking service: French Connect

Our vision is to play our part in the evangelisation of French people in London, and the revitalisation of the Church in France.

French Connect will offer a space where French-speakers can encounter Jesus, the Christ, taste and see that God our Father is good, and live in freedom given by the Spirit. We long to see a whole new generation of leaders playing their part in the evangelisation of French people in London, and also back in France.

We want to create a vibrant Christ-centred French-speaking service around three key words: welcoming, celebrating and connecting. As part of the vision of St Barnabas to step into God’s mission to all nations, French Connect will serve as a hub for discipling and equipping new leaders, sending them to other churches, resourcing new missional communities, and partnering with churches in France.


How can you help? 

There is no need to be fluent in French to support and participate – everyone can pray! But some may also be called to join us as part of the team which will form the heart of this exciting new adventure. For more information please contact Jean-Luc: .