Why Cluster?

Clusters are our mid-week groups. We encourage everyone to join one because they are the place to make relationships, be discipled and reach out to others. Clusters have a mix of prayer, worship, studying the bible, socialising and food. Each one is slightly different.

To get more informtion about the particular cluster or to join the group.



Meets 7pm every Wednesday in Notting Hill, W8. Bread and soup included.
Led by Michael and Avril Denton.


Women's Daytime

Meets at 9.45am on Wednesdays at the Church for coffee, followed by worship and small groups for prayer and study.
Mums and babies welcome.
Led by Carolyn Green & Pippa Fernee.



Meets at 7:30pm every other Wednesday for study and prayer at St Barnabas’ Church room.
Led by Daphne Towry-Coker. For more information email info@stbk.org.uk.


3 is enough

Can’t make a Tuesday or Wednesday cluster? Why not join with a couple of friends from church and form a ‘three is enough’ (tie) group?
A tie group ideally meets weekly for 60 minutes sharing, praying for each other, discussing the bible and encouraging each other to be Christ-centred in all areas of life.